BlockStubs, The Decentralized Event Ticketing Hub For All!

Say Goodbye to fake tickets & Hello to the future with our NFT Event ticketing platform. Secure your spot at the hottest shows & games with just a few clicks.

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With the BlockStubs app consumers, artists, event organizers, and resellers will have significantly better control over their events and tickets with the power of blockchain and NFT technology. Tickets can be verified and tracked on-chain in real time and artists can attach royalties on the resale of their tickets. Security and peace of mind via the power of blockchain.

Buy Tickets
You can purchase any NFT ticket to your favorite shows & games with peace of mind, eliminating fears of fraud or counterfeit tickets.
Create Events & Launch Tickets
With the power of blockchain technology, artists or event organizers can now create events and generate NFT tickets with royalties for their attendees which can also serve as a digital asset.
Resell Tickets
Every ticket listed on BlockStubs is verifiable on-chain in real time allowing artists and organizers to better track sales and receive royalties on resale.


Token Allocation
BlockStubs ($STUBS)
0% Buy 6% Sell
No Team Tokens. No Bullshit.
2% tax incentivizes team to work hard.
Audited and Renounced Contract. Safu.
2% Buyback and Burn
2% Marketing and Platform Development
2% Team


Use the power of memes and trolls on Twitter to gain 100k+ $STUBS holders, buildout a disruptive NFT Ticket platform, and takeover the traditional ticketing industry. The following roadmap is a rough draft and expect surprises along the way.

Phase 1
  • $STUBS Token Launch
  • CG and CMC Listings
  • 1000+ Holders
  • Get $STUBS Trending on Twitter via memetic and troll power
Phase 2
  • Community Partnerships
  • Token gated Discord
  • CEX Listings
  • 10,000+ Holders
  • Beta BlockStubs Platform
Phase 3
  • $STUBS Merch
  • Tier 1 CEX listings
  • 100,000+ Holders
  • V1 BlockStubs Platform


Here you can find a copy of our audit and our whitepaper.